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  • Item Type: Air Filters & Systems
  • Item Height: 3
  • Model Name: 6479.41. 6447.NV. 6479.75
  • Item Width: 18
  • Item Length: 28.5
  • Material Type: Paper, plastic
  • Item Weight: 0.1
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For citroen OLD C3 PLURIER. OLD C2. OLD C4 COUPE. 2002-2004+.High quality cabin air filters.OEM:6479.41.6447.NV.6479.75

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Length [mm] 285
Width [mm] 180
Thickness [mm] 30
Activated Carbon  
Weight [kg] 0,1
Required quantity 1

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Cabin Air Filter 
Spring period. especially people with a fever. caused by the conversion of these reasons is generally believed that the body suited to the season. but have thought about is because the air conditioning filter caused it? After a winter cabin air filter is not used. attached to the air conditioning filter bacteria to breed after a long period after the re-use of air conditioning by spring. air is blown directly into the bacterial passengers in the car. the whole car is full of bacteria. a place. with a fever that comes up.

The main function is to filter air conditioner filter impurities in the air inside. but there is a certain air conditioning filter replacement cycle. When the adsorption of impurities have full air conditioning filters. air filters will lose its filtering effect. If at this time the open air. attached to the impurities in the air conditioning filter will not blow into the car. whether it is bacterial or dust. I think the passengers in the car are having a hard time of it.


The figure is not added to the activated carbon air conditioning filter material but a common type of air conditioning filter. due to the excess of 10000 kilometers replace air conditioning filter effects presented as shown.



How to maintain cabin air filters 
With the end of automotive air conditioning maintenance boat water after months of rainy weather has finally come to an end. In those days of heavy rain again and again. presumably only been open air car. the environment and because of the rainy season. the car air conditioner is vulnerable to moisture effects. Then. with the advent of hot weather. but also to enjoy the air conditioning in the summer driving season. Therefore. at this time about the air conditioning maintenance is a good choice.
A DIY articles on how to clean up air conditioning maintenance air conditioning filter replacement automotive air conditioning maintenance. the first will involve a critical component - air conditioning filters. also known as the pollen filter.
The main cabin air filters for: 
Filter into the cabin from the outside air inside. the general air of the tiny particles. pollen. bacteria. dust and even small twigs and leaves. are blocked in the filter inside.
But this way. you can get the car air purifier. but are concentrated in the dirt inside the filter. over time will need to be cleaned. Moreover. since some time ago have been in the rain. with wet. it is easy to focus on moisture. mildew and even changed. So. if Recently cabin air filters are not replaced. then it is necessary to check.
Here to remind owners 
Location of different models of its air conditioning filters are not the same. Some models right next to the engine compartment of the engine. but some storage boxes placed inside the front passenger seat. If the former. then it is easy to find. if the latter. it is too much trouble. if not the words of a senior DIY person. or find a repair shop better.
First find the location of cabin air filters
open the lid and more can be seen inside the air filter. Generally not recommended to use water. if not dirty. no black. then it can blow out the dirt. the leaves. sand. etc. can be cleaned out and put back. If a little wet. the best dry. But if you have dirty. the air filter is now very easy to buy online. you can directly replace themselves.
Clean the air conditioning inside the air filter is not changed on the line? Is not. Due to the long-term use of air conditioning. air conditioning piping inside a lot of dust deposition and even bacteria can also cause serious. the cooling effect is poor. a small amount of wind and other issues. But this problem can not be solved by replacing the air filter. However. we can buy special cleaners for automotive air conditioning inside clean. its benefits do not need to disassemble the air conditioning system. First start the car. turn on the air. and the inside of a circular pattern. With a wet towel to block the air conditioning vent. and the wind speed to maximum. put a wet towel on the dust absorption. while the presence of moisture may also blown out.
The benefit is not required to disassemble the air conditioning system. First start the car. turn on the air. and the inside of a circular pattern. With a wet towel to block the air conditioning vent. and the wind speed to maximum. put a wet towel on the dust absorption. while the presence of moisture may also blown out. The next step depends on your air conditioner to buy what kind of cleaning agents. such as foams. aerosols. etc. are not the same usage. Some need the air conditioning off. then remove the wind resistance. the cleaner foam with an air gun attached to the entire condenser and bellows inside corner.
Some will need to open the outer loop is injected directly into the inlet inside. Some do not even use the spray in. but open air in the circulation can be sprayed directly into the car. Each features air conditioning cleaners. some names are not the same. so before you buy to choose according to their needs. first look at the instructions.
Use tip in an air-conditioned weekdays: 
First heat before air conditioning blowing the arrival of summer. the weather will usher in a long exposure. Then the owners will encounter a problem when the car parked in the open for a long time by the sun. it will be very hot in the car. a sharp rise in temperature. Many car owners are accustomed to just a start. immediately turn on the air conditioning. the cold air to the maximum. But if you pay attention to what you will find. so the cooling efficiency is not high. In fact. there is a small very practical approach is to roll down the windows on both sides of the first. and then tune into the outdoor hair cycle. and then conditioned air volume to maximum. first extract the heat. After about a minute or two later. and then the windows rolled up. the outer loop swapped into the circulation. the air conditioner to adjust to the proper temperature. then the air conditioning cooling effect will obviously be much better. but also to reduce vehicle air-conditioning load .
Skills II: 
First off the air conditioner before stalling there is a very common phenomenon. that is. the owners pay attention to the correct parking method. often parking stall and then turn off air conditioning. not even off the air conditioner. including radio. In fact. such an approach would evaporation tank wet. can cause mold blooms inside in the air conditioning. air conditioning easy to cause odor. turbidity of the air inside the car. the owners of the body have a certain hazards. A more correct approach is to prepare 6-7 minutes before stopping. for example. into the parking lot after. it will shut down air conditioning and refrigeration (hair does not close). The advantage is to allow residual heat to evaporate the moisture inside the dryer and the air-conditioning system inside the wet cold air blowing out. Then you will clearly see that the outlet is clammy. This way. you can maintain relatively dry air-conditioning systems. air conditioning can be relatively reduced odor.
Use Mistakes 
Myth # 1: 
For a long time because the inner loop open loop air circulation within the enclosed space of the car. the car will keep the oxygen content decreased. and if the cylinder gasoline incomplete combustion engines do not burn carbon monoxide leak into the compartment may also inside. so the car\'s air quality will continue to deteriorate. and even cause harm to humans. Therefore. while the inner loop should be opened. while the outer loop to open to let fresh air into the cabin. Can not sleep in the car driving   the cycle. but also the truth.  
Myth # 2: 
Poor air conditioning performance when cleaning air conditioning and some newcomers always have to wait until the air conditioning is not good. just think of clean air. The correct approach is. air filters should be changed regularly. otherwise easy to breed bacteria that produce musty air conditioning.
Myth # 3: 
Freely adjust the direction of the air conditioning vent in the use of air conditioning and some owners do not pay attention to adjust the air conditioning blowing direction. which is not conducive to play the best effect of air conditioning.According to the cold air sinks. hot air rising principle. the correct approach should be. when the outlet air conditioners up to open heating vent downwards.
Myth # 4: 
Winter is not necessary to open air in winter is not no need to open the air conditioning? In fact. if you want a more detailed maintenance car air conditioning. winter should be regularly open once air conditioning. The reason for this is that there are various components of oil on the inside of the air conditioner. if long-term no air conditioning will become dry. while the rubber ring is also easy to aging. So once a winter air conditioner regularly. you can make the parts get oil lubrication. maintained in good condition.
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Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.4kg (0.88lb.)
  • Package Size: 15cm x 15cm x 4cm (5.91in x 5.91in x 1.57in)
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